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3 years of ‘creating value through construction’

MoorParkIn September 2014, Invennt celebrated its third birthday. When Brendan Morahan and I joined forces we set out to create a business consultancy which would add value to all participants in our industry.

What did we mean by this? Well, we saw that by working with both the supply chain and their clients we would be able to effect change which created value for all. When we set out we were not at all sure what services informed by our experiences would add the most value. Looking back, we can now see where and by what means our customers benefited.

Construction Clients

We have had many discussions with construction clients, particularly those which commission complex projects and programmes. Common issues here have been the interplay between managing demanding internal stakeholders and collaborating effectively with their supply chain.

We have developed an effective process for unpicking issues at senior level and analysing them in an objective way while retaining a high degree of discretion. We call this our Discovery Process.

From this initial bench-marking exercise, targeted interventions have been developed together with the client to achieve the desired outcomes. Our unique understanding of the construction process and the dynamics of the supply chain have enabled us to implement this process across contractual boundaries where collaboration has been perceived as sub-optimal. Our experience to date proves that our mix; objectivity, construction credibility and challenging style have been successful in delivering the valuable outcomes.

Tier 1 Contractors

Our support to the premier league contractors has been focussed on business development and major project bid support. Our in-depth experience across sectors has been much sought after by individual contractors and joint ventures. We have provided high-level major project briefings ahead of the market engagements by the commissioning authority. This, in turn, has led to further support in developing capture plans (or win strategies) focussed on, competitor analysis, customer insights, advice on supply chain, logistics and commercial.

In addition we have supported bid teams in developing effective governance structures, writing the leadership and management sections, in particular sections on collaboration and behaviour. Collaboration has become a new dimension by which sophisticated clients are seeking to differentiate contractors. This differentiation starts at PQQ stage but is often 5%-20% of the marks at ITT.

More recently, we have seen assessment days with outside facilitation being used as a means of testing a contractor’s team and validating the written response. We have developed bespoke answers which have scored top in the written response and prepared teams to perform during the assessment day. We believe we are unique in offering this combination of services.

Owner-managed businesses

We have worked extensively with these types of businesses where our hands-on ‘roll your sleeves up’ approach is welcomed. We find our clients often have been so successful in building a business from scratch that they now need support in developing their systems and process to better manage the risks that further expansion would entail. We often find that coaching of the senior team is also beneficial as new ways of working are introduced. Using a more consultative style we often help owners develop their own personal strategic plan for the future.

Tier 2 & 3

We perform many of the services for this group as we do for the other members of the supply chain. In addition we are also giving very effective support at strategic business development through our extensive relationships in the industry and market knowledge.

Collaboration and BS11000

BS11000, the gold standard for managing business to business relationships, was first published in 2010. We support businesses in developing their systems and process on the journey to gaining certification. We also help businesses in the behavioural change management process required to optimise their investment in the standard.

Strategic Marketing

Too often, marketing is seen as a low grade exercise in construction. In our view this is mistaken. Marketing is not just about generating leads and opportunity – although this is a very important element to the task. A more complete view sees marketing as a way of managing relationships with all stakeholders of a business and then leveraging these relationships to achieve the businesses goals.

So what might this mean for construction? Well, there are a number of answers, illustrated here by a couple of examples:

1. My business has identified a large opportunity with a key client and we wish to position ourselves with this client and their advisors and develop a capture plan.

In this example, we would devise a relationship development plan which would focus on the six markets model advocated by Christopher Payne (see papers written by TF). Our view is that social media is an important but unrecognised tool in delivering competitive advantage.

2. We wish to diversify our market focus and investigate potential new sectors or markets for our product or services.

We have designed and delivered market research projects which have successfully delivered real insights into new markets and sectors. The insights  have given our clients some hard numbers by which decisions can be made and also practical advice about how to formulate a marketing and operational plan to achieve particular goals.


We can assist buyers or sellers in construction business transactions. On the buy side we can help with acquisition targeting, pre-due diligence valuations, due diligence, relationship initiation and negotiation.

If you are a business owner we can help you prepare for a sale by advising on how to maximise the value of your business and coaching you through the sale process. We can also help you find a buyer who meets your all your needs.

I hope this blog post has helped answer the question “What does Invennt do?”. We’ve also worked with small to large construction clients, all of whom have enjoyed success after working with us, you see can see what they have to say by visiting the Invennt testimonials page.

We are straightforward people but some of our customers have told us that they are unsure how to engage with us and what it may look and feel like. Relationships are important to us. Initiation of any new relationship can be awkward and intimidating – so we have developed a simple informal approach which is also discrete. Our process is very simple: we go from an informal chat to understand more about your construction business needs right through to engaging with your business to deliver strategy to achieve growth, collaboration or marketing objectives.

If any of the above is of interest, please call Tim Fitch on 07816 517590.

Tim Fitch

Tim Fitch has extensive civil engineering leadership experience, gained particularly in the geotechnical and rail sectors, where he has helped niche businesses become market leaders, and quadrupled turnover in Taylor Woodrow’s rail division.

With a strong background in business development, Tim spearheaded growth at Vinci’s civil engineering division, deploying customer relationship and pipeline management techniques to grow the company’s work in the transport and energy sectors.

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