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Our Vision and Mission:

  • Vision: To be at the core of a positive construction sector.
  • Mission: To create value through construction.

Our Core Values:

Our values define us, govern our relationships with our colleagues and clients, and influence our decisions.

  • Integrity: It’s the heart and soul of Invennt’s culture.
  • Trust: We understand that people do business with people and together we achieve mutual aspirations.
  • Courage: The courage of initiative and action—  pursuing pioneering efforts and making things happen.
  • Fairness: Treat all people equitably based on their merits and abilities and be consistent in approach. Make all decisions on appropriate criteria, without undue favouritism or improper prejudice.
  • Honesty: Our practice inspires our team and customers with respect for our mission to create value through construction. Honest business practices build foundations of trust with colleagues, competitors, our team, customers and every other individual and entity.
  • Commitment: We deliver tangible and positive change, not simply presentations or ideas.