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Ankita’s is currently pursuing MSc in Management from University College of London while interning with Invennt. Her master’s focuses on strategy and the innovative use of technology in business. Recent research projects include the digital twin’s value creation and supply chain resilience.

She found her passion for marketing during her undergraduate degree at the London College of Fashion. Since then, she has developed her marketing and branding skills under several recognised brands and has gained practical experience in project management, e-commerce supply chain to brand marketing.

Before joining Invennt and embarking on her master’s degree, she worked with a giant e-commerce company in India, familiarising her with supply chain and client management. She has an interest in consulting to which she looks forward to developing her consulting skills at Invennt. She will be assisting in identifying, creating R&D tax claim reports for our fashion clients and supporting the marketing team.

With an ideology of making a change, she volunteers to help underprivileged women to establish their businesses. Her hobbies are playing darts and cooking.