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Barking Riverside extension

Last week TFL released the OJEU notice for the Barking Riverside extension, officially starting the PQQ process for the works.render of final deveopment

The extension of the London Overground to Barking Riverside is a key enabler to the ongoing and continued regeneration of the area.

We have provided an in depth overview of the project in a previous blog, published following the TFL market engagement day which can be found here.

If you would like further information on the project to help develop your win work strategy, we can provide an in depth overview with one of our strategic briefings similar to the following Northern Line extension brief.

It’s good to see amongst the uncertainty that clouds our industry at this moment, that a key piece of infrastructure investment is continuing, slightly behind but close enough to the programme set out last year. It is important that Government and clients continue to push forward with planned improvements so that our country and our industry doesn’t grind to a halt.

Reviewing the OJEU notice what stands out is the use of the Negotiated procedure.

EU procurement regulations are often looked at as restrictive, complex, inefficient and not allowing for the creation of value and negotiations to take place. I’m not advocating that they are perfect however, this more often than not is simply a poor understanding of the process and the differing procedures available to them.

It is encouraging to see that TFL are deploying the negotiated procedure and the impact of this in the tendering process should be considered by the supply chain when putting together their bid team.

It shows a willingness and a want by TFL, to be open to developing best value solutions with the supply chain.

Their commitment to undertaking the works at BIM level 2 also demonstrates their desire to bring the supply chain together.

The start date for the works is February 2018 which again points to the fact that TFL are willing and wanting to work hard within this time period and work closely with the supply chain to ensure best value for all is created.

The bidding organisations for the work must ensure that their supply chain can deliver the works to the highest standard and understand the requirements set out by TFL. We are lucky at Invennt to have a range of suppliers we work with, who fit this bill and will be able to help and support organisations be successful in their bid.

At Invennt we can help you develop your win strategy, develop your bid team and help you gain a greater understanding of the Barking Riverside extension project. If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact myself at or 07961071166.

Ben Pritchard

Ben joined invennt from Magnox Ltd where as a Framework manager in the Nuclear Decommissioning sector he led the procurement and commercial management of a range of frameworks and projects covering demolition, new construction, refurbishment and retrieval, processing and conditioning of waste.

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