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Behavioural assessment – The new dimension in procurement


Behavioural assessment

Tim Fitch

I recently took part in a NCE/Mabey Hire round-table discussion on behavioural assessment.

An interesting topic that we have previously written about. It was fascinating to see where other people in the industry currently see this new dimension in procurement and  how they see it may develop further. A full write up in a recent New Civil Engineer article can be found here.

There was some mixed views as the write up in the NCE shows but the underlying belief that the behaviours any assessment will be looking for should be within your organisation already was comforting.

Alan Cheung of Costain put it eloquently while reminding us that Christmas is on the way “Learning about and applying behaviour is for life not just for Christmas”.

With a clear agreement that the right behaviours are important how do we guarantee that they are present?

Behavioural assessment can be the catalyst as Tony Tur
ton of Highways England points out in the below video, to taking collaboration to the next level.

Tony talks around savings of 20% not only being made but exceeded, of people willing to share commercial information for the greater good.

A recent blog written by my Colleague Ben Pritchard discussed the merit and opportunity that alliancing brings and the importance that the cultural and behavioural DNA is in place to make them successful.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Invennt as we help our clients to create value through construction.

We believe that through harnessing relationships and working together at all levels of a delivery organisation, the opportunity to innovate and create value increases dramatically.

Behavioural assessment was a major part of procurement for the Environmental Agency, Highways England and recently the Thames tideway tunnel and we’re seeing that HS2 and the refurbishment of Parliament, two of the next mega projects will also use Behavioural assessment in their procurement process. But why?

These Mega Projects are more and more being undertaken by joint ventures and alliances, what behavioural assessment in the procurement does is make sure that the required DNA is in place to make these projects successful, and not any achieve the targets but exceed them, to not only achieve excellence but exceed excellence in their performance.

The use of behavioural assessment not only in procurement but throughout the onboarding and delivery process is key to ensure that the right behaviours are embedded within the organisation (both client and supply side) and that the continual challenge to do better is there, pushing greater innovation and better performance.

The challenges set out in construction 2025 and the requirements needed to achieve level 2 in BIM wont seem so difficult when the foundations are in place for a strong and functioning alliance.

We must be careful to remember that there is a distinction to be made between behavioural assessment and collaboration.

As Mike Vessey Managing Partner at MDV pointed out at the round table discussion, it is important not to confuse behavioural assessments with collaboration.

He went on to state that “Collaboration is one of the areas you might measure as part of an assessment, but that shouldn’t be confused with being sociable. There is a lot more to collaboration than being nice to people.”

I’ve already mentioned in this blog that assessing behaviours needs to be done more so than simply as part of the of the procurement process. Behaviours and working in a collaborative way also needs to be encouraged through the way the contract is put together, used and incentivised. Working together collaboratively requires the tools in place to allow it to happen.

At Invennt we can help you embed these behaviours throughout your organisation, help you design a procurement process that embraces behavioural assessment and help you join our journey to create value through construction.

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your strategic goals please contact myself at or 07816517590


Tim Fitch

Tim Fitch has extensive civil engineering leadership experience, gained particularly in the geotechnical and rail sectors, where he has helped niche businesses become market leaders, and quadrupled turnover in Taylor Woodrow’s rail division.

With a strong background in business development, Tim spearheaded growth at Vinci’s civil engineering division, deploying customer relationship and pipeline management techniques to grow the company’s work in the transport and energy sectors.

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