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Build the right strategy

A lack of strategy leads to mediocrity or failure. The right strategy delivers strength. It’s the foundation for progress. And strategy can only be forged by understanding needs, strengths, weaknesses, and relationships.

Invennt helps you cut through the noise of day-to-day concerns to think clearly. Thinking is hard when you’re hard pressed. We do a lot of the thinking for you and with you, so you can see what really matters. That sweet-spot in the Venn diagram of your world.

Our business is based on experience, commitment, and a passion for a better construction sector. So it can be recognised as the engine of our economy. Admired for quality and creativity as well as social responsibility. But which also delivers greater value quickly.

Make the right choices

Our team have a unique view, having worked across the supply chain as well as advising large construction industry clients. That broad spectrum of knowledge and experience ensures that we can give our clients an honest and constructive view of their business. All information is treated in confidence and our team act with total discretion. 

Where we can help

By reviewing your business strategy, we can help you get a better understanding of the internal and external context of your construction business, and then make recommendations for further action. We have years of Industry experience in change management and can apply tried and trusted techniques to improve performance.

Invennt will help you rise above the mediocre and cement your business into your clients long-term plans through:

Process mapping and system optimisation

Financial control

Organisational development

Governance practices to reduce risk

Enhanced leadership and develop skills

Strategic reviews

How you benefit

At Invennt we work to change your perception of your own business and your future. It’s why there’s a Venn diagram at the heart of our name; we bring people together to reveal strong (and often surprising) relationships and values which can form the foundation of vibrant businesses in construction.

We would like to talk to you about what we can do together to transform your business. Submit an enquiry through the contact form or call us on +44(0) 203 286 9830.

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