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Pacific Ground Engineering

Because I was aware of the SR&ED programme that CRA has here in Canada I was looking for an expert consultant to help us put together the claim and I found Invennt. Their patience and the way they made every effort to highlight the innovation that goes into our projects has been outstanding. So I am quite happy. It has been a good experience and I can recommend working with their teams to submit SR&ED claims. The construction industry isn't making enough of SR&ED. It is an opportunity that the government gives us to showcase what we do and to push forward innovation. It helps and creates benefits for the companies and for us it has made a big difference.

White Young Green

“We have worked with Invennt on our R&D claims for three years. Throughout this time they have managed the entire claim process for us, bringing to bear their detailed sector knowledge. They are very adept at reducing the burden on our teams and ensuring all submissions to HMRC are of the highest quality. We are delighted with the outcome from the project.”

Fourway Communication

“Invennt helped us review our strategy and design a  company structure to take advantage of a new business opportunity.  They handled the assignment with patience and discretion. As a bonus they helped us secure a new commission with a key target customer.”

Cha Technologies

“Invennt reviewed our strategy in an efficient manner using their discovery process. Their recommendations were insightful and revealed a real depth of knowledge about the construction industry”

Martello Piling

“Tim’s understanding of marketing and  geotechnical engineering was impressive. He showed us how to increase the size of the available market for our unique technology and how to better manage our pipeline of opportunities.“

BAM Nuttall

“Invennt’s discovery process combined with their in depth knowledge of BS11000 enabled our team to score highest for collaboration in a recent major bid. What sets Invennt apart is their real understanding of construction combined with their consulting skills and relationships.”


"On a major infrastructure project, Invennt produced a strategic briefing which they delivered in an interactive workshop format. It engaged all participants and helped them to understand the challenges and opportunities. Their detailed content and in-depth understanding of the issues supported our selection of them as the right option for Skanska."


"Tim and the team worked on a piece of research into collaboration in our supply chain. Their discovery process was robust and they were responsive to our need and turned a complex piece of work around with alacrity. The insight that arose from the work allowed us to improve our understanding of the position and make some decisions on interventions that have added significant value"

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