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How secure is your BIM data from Cyber crime?

DataThe volume of information generated in todays digital world will not have escaped anyone reading this and we have now firmly entered the ‘big data’ age where large pools of information are captured, communicated, aggregated, stored, and analysed as part of every sector and function of the global economy. This represents are significant risk from cyber crime.

The construction sector is a huge producer of data and information. With the increasing roll outs of electronic document management systems and growing usage of Building Information Modelling (BIM), enabling success through effective collaboration and sharing of information on multi-party projects is a key area of focus for many.

But in an age where data can be a valuable commodity and often a source of competitive advantage in a highly fragmented industry, how secure is your data?

While advocating the benefits of open data and the further advancements that can be made through appropriate sharing of information, the security of your data should still be at the fore of your thoughts. You can and should still protect the integrity of your data and systems while sharing under open data principles.

In 2014 it was estimated 74,000 new computer viruses were created everyday, and with some sources claiming that the cost of hacking and viruses are above $1trillion to the worldwide economy per year, we should ask can we do more to protect from these electronic threats?

Cyber crime is a growing concern in our industry and as construction moves more into the digital age we must think more about our approach to security.

Someone tampering with your BIM model or simply losing it as a corrupted file, unable to access your cloud based contract management tool or document management system, changing the readings from the newly installed sensors on your smart buildings are all new risks that we need to consider. And all risks that can be mitigated.

We at Invennt can help you overcome your concerns and support the establishment of strong cyber security infrastructure within your organisation. For further information contact Tim Fitch at or on 07816517590.

Ben Pritchard

Ben joined invennt from Magnox Ltd where as a Framework manager in the Nuclear Decommissioning sector he led the procurement and commercial management of a range of frameworks and projects covering demolition, new construction, refurbishment and retrieval, processing and conditioning of waste.

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