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Who are we and why are we passionate about R&D tax claims?

Invennt is a management and business consultancy dedicated to creating value in the construction industry.  Through our extensive executive experience in construction, our in-depth knowledge of the UK construction industry, and our strong network of clients, contractors, and suppliers, we help our customers leverage their skills to become competitive in today’s fast changing business environment. Aligned with this mission, we provide our clients with R&D tax claim services.

We want to make sure that construction companies are rewarded for the good that they do, and in turn have the opportunity to further grow and improve their business. We support HMRC in providing a reward mechanism to promote continuous improvement.

Our experience and research show that R&D tax credits have two important benefits:

  • Short term financial savings that encourage the re-investment of tax claims to the development of better product and services
  • Long term growth in innovation in the construction industry.

To help you achieve these benefits, we are dedicated to helping you identify your R&D activities and to guide you through the HMRC process.

Invennt R&D Tax and HMRC knowledge to unlock value in construction

Case Studies

We owe our 100% success rate to date to our knowledge of the construction industry and our trusted relationships with our clients and partners.

Some brief case studies below highlight our prior experience and demonstrate that R&D can be found in many parts of the construction supply chain.

Construction & Civil Engineering Contractor


A medium sized company with an average turnover of £25m


What our client looked at as problem-solving was actually creating new and improved products and services that could, in part, qualify under the HMRC guidelines.

Through designing, testing and creating bespoke plant, material and methodologies, our client spent a considerable amount of resources looking to overcome technical uncertainties. The new tools, techniques, and products that were developed allowed our client to undertake tasks and activities that previously could not be done or would now be done quicker, cheaper or greener.


£664k over 3 years

Manufacturing Client


Manufacturing firm with a turnover between £1m and £2m per annum.


With our client, we unlocked value by identifying valuable process, product testing and product developments. What they initially regarded as simple improvements and innovation were actually creating new and improved technology that therefore qualified as R&D.


£308k over 3 years

Consultant Client


A consultant with an average turnover of £450k.


This business had invested time and capital over the years in developing new, innovative products and service offerings to support its growth and to become a leader within the market place. This benefit would allow the organisation to invest further in their product and service development, significantly accelerating their ability to complete their commissions and go to market earlier with an improved offering.


£45k over 3 years