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Linda is an architect with 10 years of site-based Dubai experience working with top consultants and contractors in the region in the sector of construction and the built environment. She demonstrates special interest in sustainable design and new technology matters relating to the construction industry. She also has strong background in Interior Design and Fit-out with a focus on high-tech and robotic solutions in integration with design.

Graduated with a Bachelor degree in architectural engineering, Linda is currently pursuing a MSc Construction Economic and Management from the Bartlett at UCL. Her current research focuses on smart architecture and construction to develop modern construction methods and enhance the urban environment of the future. The subject of digitization in the construction industry falls under her previous area of expertise which is being developed by researching the practice of prefabrication and off-site construction using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Linda joined Invennt to learn more about the R&D consultancy sector.