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After completing a bachelor’s degree at the university of Nottingham in international business management, Maggie found her passion in marketing and never looked back. While there, she developed her marketing mindset from several world’s leading companies and gained practical experience ranging from identifying new markets, e-commerce to digital marketing.

Prior to starting as a Business Analyst, Maggie was doing a master’s program at UCL in the field of Project and Enterprise Management. Her main area of interest was the newest marketing theory-Service Dominant Logic (SDL) in the specialization of value co-creation process. To further understand the application of SDL in the construction sector, she chose Invennt as a study case to conduct her dissertation research.

Maggie works closely with architects and senior consultants on R&D claims to identify the most suitable projects and generate reports through technical and financial analysis. She conducts interviews with specialists to get a better understanding of their requirements while aiding our senior consultants on research and statistical data analysis. Maggie heads our potential corporation opportunities in Mainland China and liaises with our Chinese clients. Maggie also supports customer relationship management across the board.