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Making construction collaboration simple

Peter Simoons

Peter Simoons

Last week I spoke to Peter Simoons, a specialist in collaborative business based in Amsterdam. Peter is, in his own words, “on a mission to make collaboration simple” and to help business executives and entrepreneurs create successful business collaborations.

Though he doesn’t focus on the construction industry, his work has parallels with that of Invennt and, we discovered, has also involved some of the same business partners.


Podcast Outline

  • I introduced Invennt and what we do, and then explained our view of collaboration: it’s about how businesses can create more value and manage risk better across the contractual boundary.
  • We then talked about the construction context to this activity, and about how collaboration is not as good as it could be here. For example, it’s long been the Invennt view that possession of the right attitudes and behaviours (culture), as well as leadership and governance, are essential for collaboration, as is careful selection of partners.
  • This all formed a good basis for a discussion of BS11000 too.

Peter recorded our conversation and it now available as a podcast and you can listen to it in full here.

Tim Fitch

Tim Fitch has extensive civil engineering leadership experience, gained particularly in the geotechnical and rail sectors, where he has helped niche businesses become market leaders, and quadrupled turnover in Taylor Woodrow’s rail division.

With a strong background in business development, Tim spearheaded growth at Vinci’s civil engineering division, deploying customer relationship and pipeline management techniques to grow the company’s work in the transport and energy sectors.

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