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Common Business Issues We Can Help Solve

Over the years Invennt has tackled many problems for many businesses. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the common business issues we’ve encountered.

If you think we can help you, or you have a business challenge that isn’t mentioned, please get in touch.

I have a major project. How can I get best value from my supply chain?

Our philosophy is based on encouraging partnerships, on early engagement with the right suppliers, and on achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

With the right win:win incentives in place – these can range, for example, from immediate project-related gain-sharing to longer-term guarantees of future work – team members can be challenged to work more collaboratively and to create added value.

My business has done well but what do we do next?

Well done on your success to date. We start by asking where you want to go next. For instance, is the business going to continue under your leadership? Or are you thinking about handing over the reins to new managers? Do you want to win more business in the same market, or break into new fields. If so, which ones?

Depending on your needs and your aspirations for the business, we can help you devise strategies that can help you make that critical next step.

How do I set up a JV for success?

The secret of a successful JV is down to, first, successful supplier engagement and, then, creation and maintenance of the right conditions for collaborative business relationships to thrive.

We are experienced in industry procurement and in the development of successful consortia able to win, then to deliver framework programmes of work, and then to take that learning to successful new bids.

How do I become more competitive?

Facing such a question, we will look at your business and analyse the sector in which it competes, the value criteria applied by customers, and the ability of competing firms to meet those criteria.

We can then help you improve on the areas that are most highly valued by your target customers and where, perhaps, you can deliver particular added value. It may be that your targets are unaware of a particular service or skill that you offer that is unique or at least commonly found.

How do I make the future more certain?

Uncertainty is a fact of life, but clearly some risks are greater than others. Also some risks are more easily controlled. A business analysis of your organisation or its supply chain partners might help identify risks that can be reduced, mitigated or even transferred.

How do I increase my win rate?

This is about understanding where and how you compete, and on what criteria.

Do you bid for every opportunity, or are you more selective? We can review your approach and analyse whether your strategy is appropriate. Rather than spreading your bidding resources indiscriminately across multiple bids, perhaps you should focus on key opportunities that, with a little more care, can be secured at little extra cost. Equally, perhaps you are missing single customer opportunities that, by delivering added value, can become long-term preferred supplier engagements.

We will look at your business and analyse the sector in which it competes, the value criteria applied by customers, and the ability of competing firms and supply chain partners to meet those criteria. Often the most successful relationships are ones with suppliers able to deliver innovations and best value.

How do I make more money?

If this is about winning projects, then look at the previous questions on competitiveness and winning work.

However, it may be that you are working on margins that are depressed due to internal inefficiencies or interface issues with supply chain partners.

We can review your internal processes and those affecting your relationships with key suppliers, and identify scope for improvements. Applying lessons learned in both single organisations and in multi-company consortia, we are able to apply project delivery approaches such as ‘lean construction’ to help drive out waste from your business or projects.

My major project is not achieving its objectives. What do I do?

Let’s start by addressing the objectives. What were the objectives? Are they the overall objectives of the whole project? Or are they just the objectives set by your organisation?

We help you adopt a pan-project perspective, to check whether objectives are aligned up and down the supply chain. Are you working to achieve the client’s business outcomes or just a narrower set of objectives that might conflict with the client’s aims?

The answer may lie in setting the foundations of sound, commercial, yet collaborative business relationships that can be sustained throughout a project.