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Joint roundtable with the ICE

How can the infrastructure sector capitalise on the data opportunity? Ahead of the Institution of Civil Engineers Shaping a Digital World conference on 25 September, we held a joint roundtable with the ICE to explore the actions required and discuss what the future holds. The video below is the complete recording of that discussion. We hope you find it informative and thought provoking.

Executive summary

Digital transformation offers vast opportunities to improve the way we deliver and manage infrastructure, striking at the heart of our profession’s remit – to support society, transform lives and improve communities. Trends are being accelerated by the valuable asset that technology presents us with data and better data allows engineers to make better, faster decisions, leading to better outcomes for the customers and users of infrastructure.

To realise this potential, we must take steps to better value data and better recognise infrastructure as an information-based industry.

Our expertise

We understand that to be truly competitive, construction businesses must take a joined up approach data and digital. By seamlessly connecting operational data, demand-side data and back-end systems, the construction industry can adopt improved business models and better ways of working.

Our reputation in digital is built upon our expertise in strategy, technology integration, process and workflow management and the implementation of new digital platforms. Contact us to find out how we can help your realise the promise of data in your business.

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