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Panel discussion at Shaping a Digital World

In a recent panel discussion titled Is your organisation built for digital? Brendan Morahan and Ben Pritchard tackled some of the burning questions that the construction and civil engineering industry is currently grappling with on the topic of digital transformation.

They sought to answer whether cultural change is stymieing the adoption of digital with questions like “Does industry need to change its mindset when it comes to digital?” and “Do cultural problems start at the top within leadership?” As well as looking at structural issues such as “Are conventional construction business models preventing adoption?” and “Is a knowledge gap preventing us from fully exploiting digital?”

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We understand that to be truly competitive, construction businesses must take a joined up approach data and digital. By seamlessly connecting operational data, demand-side data and back-end systems, the construction industry can adopt improved business models and better ways of working.

Our reputation in digital is built upon our expertise in strategy, technology integration, process and workflow management and the implementation of new digital platforms. Contact us to find out how we can help your realise the promise of digital in your business.

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