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Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to explain what Invennt does but there will always be questions about how we do it and who we do it for.

These FAQs list some of the things we’ve been asked. If we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch with either Tim or Brendan direct.

Q: Do Invennt work just in the UK?

A: No. We work with both UK and international companies, and have undertaken client engagements in mainland Europe, the Middle East and south-east Asia

Q: Do you mainly work with contractors?

A: Our experience is based on a wide range of industry businesses. We have worked with client organisations, with consultants, specialist subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers, and facilities managers, as well as contractors. Our approach is based on delivering the best business outcomes for an organisation, regardless of its type, and this usually involves some appraisal of its relationships with other parts of the supply chain, so we have never focused solely on contractor perspectives.

Q: How long is a typical Invennt project?

A: The cautious answer is, of course, it depends…. However, after our initial meetings, we will normally have sufficient understanding of the issues to be able to forecast the rough duration of the engagement.

Aware that some projects demand rapid responses, we have completed some assignments within a month.

Others will demand a more measured approach and the inputs may be staged over a planned programme spanning several months.

Q: Will I work with the Invennt directors or junior consultants?

A: All Invennt projects are undertaken by one or both of the Invennt directors. Our experience and knowledge is what makes us different to other management consultants, and cannot be gained overnight. We may, occasionally, bring in associates with complementary skills, but their inputs will always be directly monitored for its relevance by one of us.

Q: Do Invennt mainly focus on projects?

A: No. While architecture, engineering and construction is often a project-focused business, we know that the organisations involved need to be sustained before, during and after each project. As experienced business managers, we know what is involved in maintaining critical aspects of quality of service at different stages of the project life-cycle, and we can look at this from different business perspectives including those of clients, project delivery organisations and suppliers, and end-users.

Q: Is Invennt just focused on construction?

A: No. While the construction sector has provided us with most of our experience, we have worked with many clients for whom a construction project was a ‘necessary evil’. These engagements have given us insights into how the industry is perceived by its customers. They have also helped us shape project delivery to meet the special needs of customers with little or no understanding of how the industry works.

Q: Can Invennt help me work more collaboratively?

A: Yes. Traditional lowest-price adversarial contracting has stifled industry innovation and creativity, and prevented businesses from investing in leadership and in creating sustainable value. Our philosophy is based on encouraging partnerships, on early engagement with the right suppliers, and on achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.