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What to expect

In this case study we reveal the secrets behind effective collaboration in the context of one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects. We explore the subject through our commission for Crossrail.

Collaboration is considered as the key to success for major projects, particularly in the construction sector. At Invennt, we value the value co-creation process and here is one of our successful cases.

It is much easier to work on choosing the correct partners and teams and then setting them off on the right track than trying to fix something which has gone wrong.

Tim Fitch, Director and co-founder

Revealed in the case study

The defining characteristics of effective project teams

Why you shouldn’t micromanage your supply chain

How to identify relationship issues in your supply chain

How to repair broken supply chain relationships

The importance of aligning the objectives of contributing teams

How the Hawthorne Effect can be harnessed for good

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Get the inside track on collaboration in one of the UK’s largest construction projects. Learn and adopt best practice and discover the unexpected consequences of our collaboration project with Crossrail.


The benefits for collaboration are clear: Greater value (quicker and cheaper), enhanced health and safety, customer focus, quality assurance and better governance. In short, you get a better managed project with less risks while realising greater benefits and higher returns. Download your copy of the report by completing the form below.