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In our research, merely 16% of companies claimed they do not believe they are performing innovation within their business, while the Community Innovation Survey report claims that up to a 70% of construction companies are not performing innovation.

Our response clearly shows how innovative the construction industry really is and highlights the major differences between their research and our own. This massive difference can be explained by looking at what construction companies believe qualifies under the scheme, including construction, planning and design activities.

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It is clear that both reports paint a very different picture about the construction sector. The UKIS indicates that approximately 70% of the sector do not consider themselves to be innovative, whilst the findings from our survey show that only 16% have that view.

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We have seen through our sampling that construction companies are failing to claim over £10.2m in R&D tax credits, which amounts to over £100k each.  To receive your free copy of the briefing complete the form below.