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Over the past 50 years, the construction industry has slowly surrendered control of the sales process, leaving businesses at the mercy of over-mighty clients with no incentive to change their behaviour. If businesses are to reverse this trend and reassert themselves in the client-supplier dynamic, they need to make smart choices and recognise the importance of marketing to differentiate their offering and halt the commoditisation of their service.

In this insight guide we confront the challenges facing the construction industry from this premise, which we use as a catalyst for discussion. They’re big questions but we seek to answer them with broad examples and ideas.

One of the main goals of marketing should be to get out in front of the procurement process and make sure you’re the preferred supplier going in, so the tender is stacked in your favour.

Tim Fitch, Director and co-founder

Revealed in the guide

How data can facilitate improved decision making that leads to better outcomes

Why construction leaders need to change their mindset and outlook on marketing

How data driven marketing gave one of Britain’s best known piling brands a competitive edge

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The construction industry has long faced the challenge of intense price competition and this will only become more pronounced in the aftermath of the current crisis. In this guide we confront the challenges the industry faces from the perspective of marketing and business development.


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