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Not all R&D is done in a lab

Forget labs and scientists in white coats. When it comes to research and development, it is the day-to-day problem solving of engineers, architects and project teams that perform the lion’s share. Over 90% of claims we investigate are eligible for the scheme and we have a 100% success rate in our submissions to HMRC. So, even if you think you aren’t eligible – you probably are.

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Since the age of Brunel, the railways have been central to the success of the economy and the government is keen to ensure that British engineering leads global innovation.

Tim Fitch, Director and co-founder

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Get the inside track on R&D for railway engineers and contractors. Dispel the myths about the scheme and find out what activities qualify for civil engineering businesses operating in the railway sector.

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Whatever the size or type of your business, you may be surprised by your eligibility for R&D tax credits.To find out more, download your free copy of the guide by completing the form below.