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Our Constructive Governance and Insight service is designed as an alternative or complement to a traditional non-executive director role. Whereby a nominated director from Invennt, supported by the wider Invennt team, provide creative contributions, oversight and constructive challenge to the executive board.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust
Novelist and essayist

When Monsieur Proust said this, he meant that different perspectives can reveal things you never knew existed.

Here at Invennt, we think he was on to something. That’s why we work with capable and passionate business leaders to discover new opportunities and navigate hidden threats. Of course, we know that nobody is better placed to keep a steady hand on the tiller than the captain of the ship, but sometimes cooler heads prevail, and an objective perspective is required to shed light on what Donald Rumsfeld called “the “unknown unknowns”.

But we don’t just scrutinise your plans, we actively work with you to develop strategies that transform your business.

Non-executive versus CGI

The 1992 Cadbury Report initiated a debate about the main roles and responsibilities of
non-executive directors

It concluded that non-execs “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct”. Appointees must ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the company and should be capable of seeing company and business issues in a broad perspective.

Additionally, they should have some specialist knowledge and be able to provide valuable insights and key contacts in related industries. The Cadbury Report also stressed the desirability of independence and objectivity.

How is Invennt’s Constructive Governance and Insight (CGI) service different?

Rather than relying on the experience of one person, a CGI can draw on the contacts and expertise of a diverse and growing team.

We provide a service for a fee, and do not receive directors salaries or shareholdings. We are independent and free from relationships that could materially interfere with the exercise of our independent judgement.

We influence and mediate conversations to ensure no individual or small group of individuals can dominate the board’s decision making.

We provide additional facilities including a conference room, so that meetings and workshops can be held in an off-site venue.

What does a CGI offer?

How you benefit

Access to a wealth of research, data and analysis, over and above that typically available with a non-executive director.

Maximise your businesses potential and fulfil your obligation to maximise returns (both financial and other).

Benefit from a wide network of contacts including potential clients, partners, suppliers, employees, trade associations and market influencers.

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