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Embedding the principles of ISO440001

The need for greater collaboration among construction clients and supply chain partners has been long understood, but, too often, construction businesses become entrenched in traditional adversarial positions.

Greater care in identifying and establishing business relationships can help avoid this, as can paying constant attention to the health of that relationship.

ISO440001 framework systems and process development

We have invested heavily in embedding the collaborative principles of ISO440001 into our consultancy and support.

We can help construction companies create and embed the culture of collaborative, joint working, with formal implementation of ISO440001 processes where required, plus leadership, coaching and mentoring for project and business leaders.

ISO440001 tender assessment

We can also help construction supplier teams respond to tenders requiring collaborative competences, coaching the right behaviours and creating the systems that will help teams demonstrate their cultural fit.

Maintaining collaboration

‘Talking the right talk’ during procurement is not always followed by ‘walking the right walk’ during service delivery. Sometimes the behaviours of a supposedly collaborative partner can change, undermining trust in the commercial relationship.

Major project and programme interventions

We can help partners by independently evaluating the success of collaborative arrangements, and, where necessary, recommending changes to align both parties with the original aims.

Analyse and diagnose problems with complex collaborations

Invennt can also help teams devise and implement improvements, and provide objectivity when it comes to measuring these.

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