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Podcast | Construction Big Breakfast: The Future of Construction in the Pandemic-Era (Episode 43)

Join us for another episode of The Construction Big Breakfast with your host, Tip-Top Tim Fitch! Joined today by special guest, Paul Mott Director of MTT, and Invennt’s Ben Pritchard, they dive into more of what the future of construction looks like following the pandemic. They’re answering important questions like:

  • Can the end-user trust the space that they’re coming back to and feel safe coming back to work, etc without fully understanding the ins and outs of how it works – can they feel safe knowing it’s protected from the pandemic?
  • Are clients changing their viewpoints on how dense space is in order to change the air conditioning systems and circulation for safety in reducing the spread?
  • Are there any technologies that can help to cleanse the air of viruses or sanitize the air?
  • Do they work in an office space? And so much more!

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