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Shubham Bajaj joined Invennt as a Business Analyst Intern whilst undertaking his MSc in Project and Enterprise Management from The Bartlett school at University College London (UCL). On successful completion of the course, he has now joined us fulltime as a Business Analyst.

Shubham’s master’s research at UCL was focused on strategic business model development for construction firms. He now focuses on leveraging digital technology integration along with making sense of large volumes of disparate data. His other areas of interests include financial management for firms, projects and their appraisals.

He is an experienced civil engineer with exposure to major infrastructure projects in India which inspired him to pursue a further career in construction, looking at the business structure side. He has worked with several major project organisations in India making him familiar to operations of construction firms. Further, he has worked with commercial and planning teams of the projects and has specialised in cost control and project planning.

Having a lot of interest in music, Shubham is a drummer and percussionist.