Step into June Charity Challenge!

In June, Invennt decided to have a special step challenge for charity which was a huge success! 

We made it our goal as a company to reach 4 million steps in the month, and the winner who accumulated the most steps would be able to choose a charity to which Invennt would donate £1,000.00 cash.  

Our company far exceeded the step challenge goal of 4 million, accumulating 5.9 million steps! And the Invennt winner was our Marketing Lead, Andrew Hastie, with a whopping 626,763 steps for June! Congratulations Andy!  

Andrew has chosen to donate the prize money to our colleague, Alaa Khattab’s favourite charity and one he has worked very closely with over the years, Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees.  

Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees’ vision is to resettle a vulnerable refugee family into the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe community.  They aim to support refugees to fulfil a sustainable life in the UK. 

To learn how you can support Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees further in their vision and to learn all the ways they are involved in the community, visit 

We had so much fun as a team with this challenge that we plan to do another one in September or should we say Steptember, and we can say for sure that it’s a brilliant way to get your team involved in something fun for charity that gets everyone active and enjoying some fresh air after this past year of uncertainty and stresses.  

 The step challenge lifted everyone’s spirits and created that sense of team collaboration and positivity that we love to nourish here at Invennt. Volunteering and giving back is a way to truly get outside yourself and help others, so this was the best way to kick-start the summer! 

The photo above shows Andrew and Alaa celebrating with a giant cheque of the donation to Bermondsey Welcomes Refugees!