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There’s more to BIM than technology…

computer says noAs we move towards a digital economy and a digitised construction industry we must not forget that key to its success is still people. Without them computer says ‘No’!

As mentioned in a recent post on Octobers Digital Construction Week, one message that came through clearly was the requirement to not forget that all the technological innovation that are becoming more prevalent in the industry are tools to help us.

The technologies being adopted within our industry are all fantastic steps forwards for construction and can only mean better quality, better value, better understanding and increased productivity if utilised properly.

And that’s the key utilised properly.

BIM is one of if not the most used abbreviation in our industry and is a great tool that if used properly can save you time & cost, reduce waste, drive value and better understand what your client wants and what they’re getting.

Offiste, Virtual reality, robotics and 3d printing are other prevalent examples that can take this a step further but none of it will happen without collaboration and the right behaviours throughout your team and    supply chain.

Alongside BS11000 what BIM provides is a platform and the tools required to collaborate with each facet of the supply chain.

  • It supports better understanding of what is wanted, what is needed and what can be done.
  • It provides you a well-defined specification that aligns with everyones objectives.
  • It brings people together across the whole supply chain at the design stage and supports driving value into how you design your built asset.
  • It reduces whole life costs through emphasising FM during the design phase.
  • It helps to de-risk a project and can support clients saving cost and the supply chain making a greater profit.

Other technologies can further these improvements, reduce H&S risks and help you generally understand far better what is required, what is being built and how your asset is performing.

To say you’ll use BIM sounds simple, get the software from one of the many provides and there you go…. But it won’t work and level 2 and 3 are pipe dreams without the right behaviours in place to make it work.

Without the right behaviours, without engaging your entire supply chain and working with them collaboratively you won’t make the best use of BIM and will end up with a set of expensive 3d drawings.

As we move forward as an industry the key issue that we’ve faced and have been trying to overcome for decades is still the key issue moving forward… the need to work collaboratively…..

At Invennt we have invested heavily in embedding the collaborative principles of BS11000 into the advice and support we provide. If you would like to discuss further how we can help embed these principles within your organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch at or on 07961071166.


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Ben Pritchard

Ben joined invennt from Magnox Ltd where as a Framework manager in the Nuclear Decommissioning sector he led the procurement and commercial management of a range of frameworks and projects covering demolition, new construction, refurbishment and retrieval, processing and conditioning of waste.

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