Learn how Invennt can maximise your R&D tax credit claim while minimising your workload

Because Invennt uncovers innovative problem-solving on both sides of the Irish Sea, our team see the best that construction has to offer in both markets and can apply this knowledge to our customers’ R&D tax credit claims. For example, technical solutions that have been widely adopted in one market might be pioneering in another and knowing where to look for those solutions can add additional qualifying costs to a claim.

What’s more, because our team works with companies with UK and Irish domiciled subsidiaries, they can take a holistic view and cut waste from duplication out of the claims process. Invennt’s breadth also means our team understands the nuances of doing business in both countries and are construction experts, meaning they do all the heavy lifting and take the hassle out of formulating a successful claim.

Invennt is a business consultancy, working with organisations that execute, commission or support the development of construction projects. The business was formed to help companies operating in the construction supply chain, including contractors, architects, engineers and developers, gain greater value from their investment and effort in the industry.

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