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Engaging the world through social media


The image on the left was tweeted by our Director Tim Fitch while he was on vacation. If you want to find out what happened keep reading.

At Invennt we are great believers in the power of relationships, communication and how social media can be an enabler to the creation of conversations and strengthening of your business and social relationships.

 Our industry is not one that is always looked at in a positive light. The industry is often characterized by:

  1. Poor public perception of its culture
  2. Particular complex factors owing to industry specific uncertainties and interdependences, and
  3. Inefficiency of operations. There has always been cynicism and apathy when it comes to the construction industry given its nature of distrust, corruption, high riskiness, and ignorance.

Experience in project management and business improvement suggests that the root of the majority of construction problems are communication related. Communication failings can come from not sharing or updating information, not involving the right people at the right time and even from withholding information for company or personal gain.

Social media can be and should be seen as a key component in addressing and improving communication issues. Its greatly underused power can help change the industry’s perceptions for the better and improve communication and productivity.

What social media can do

Social media platforms facilitate instant connections with people from around the world and allow for conversations to start on a global basis. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some of the biggest platforms that share understanding and useful content on current issues. It shouldn’t be overlooked that platforms such as Yammer and Slack can allow for better communication at a more local, project, organisation and targeted level.

Over the past few years there has been a real shift within construction organisations, from generally not wanting to engage with social media, to some companies now fully embracing what it can offer in terms of engaging with clients, people and communities. Yet there lies a long road ahead to realise its full potential, albeit one that will deliver real benefit.

In terms of platforms used, according to LinkedIn is the most popular among construction professionals with 91% of them being active users. Twitter (84%), Facebook (83%), YouTube (68%), blogs (47%), Google+ (40%), and Pinterest (26%) round out the top seven.

the use of social media in construction
In the UK, there are more than 15 million members on LinkedIn, with over 370,000 being engineers. Construction comes in second as the most represented industry on LinkedIn. CMI 2015 found that just under half of construction industry decision makers are members of LinkedIn.

How can Social media work for us?

Research has shown that companies in the construction industry that actively use social media have benefited from an improvement in awareness, web traffic, search ranking, and sales leads.

At Invennt, our active presence on social media has proven to be very valuable. We publish our blogs on our website ( and then promote them through other platforms: LinkedIn – targeting specific markets –  Twitter and Facebook.

As it is shown on the graph below, the peaks demonstrate high traffic, which are on the days that we publish and promote a new blog post.

Invennt -social media

Google Analytics Report for May 2016


Just to further demonstrate the power of social media:

Do you remember the the nice family photo at the top of this blog? Well read what happened next.

So what happened next?


Gordon Ramsay with Tim’s family

Well, first of all, Tim is a VERY active Twitter-user.

While he and his family were enjoying lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Restaurant at Heathrow Airport, Tim tweeted his whereabouts and surprisingly Gordon Ramsay himself responded that he was back in the kitchen and then even more surprisingly turned up at the table to say hello.

Not only did they meet Gordon Ramsay but Gordon himself responded to two tweets. As Gordon has over 3 million followers, Tim’s tweet got major exposure and gained more followers.

Gordon responded to Tim’s tweet:

Gordon Ramsey Heathrow

And then Gordon retweeted their picture together and sent Tim’s family good wishes on their trip:

Gordon Ramsey tweet

British Airways also wished them a good trip:

British Airways

Tim has always been a true believer of the power of social media and this anecdote only evidences the great powers of social media to create conversations.

If you want to learn more about how social media can build your personal and business brand and increase inbound leads? Contact Tim at or on 07816517590.

PS can you guess what the first thing Tim’s 5 year old daughter Millie said to Mr Ramsay?  “You’re Tilly’s Dad!”

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  1. Interesting and informative article. In the interest of feedback, I must say ease of communications and building relationship are important aspect of collaborative working, but fulfilling the project objectives as well as meeting client needs worth much more. Collaborative working should not be done at the expense of project deliverables. Also, there is a thin line between collaboration and collusion , the right balance must be drawn to avoide the dreaded conflict of interest.

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