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Women in construction – the use of social media

I’m delighted to have been asked and am looking forward to being part of the Women in Construction awards on Thursday.

I’m part of a panel discussion on the importance of engaging and staying connected via social media which is first up at 9:15 so make sure you’re there bright and early.

Those of you who know me well know that I am a keen ‘tweeter’ and generally am active on social media both personally and professionally.

Social media is a great tool that can be used both to gather information but also to share. Share best practice, share learning but also to share your thoughts and opinions on what is going on in our industry.

A recent blog by my Colleague Anna Torres (which can be found here) covered a recent lecture I gave at UCL discussing the power of social media for businesses and the benefits and advantages of properly using it.

The awards

The aim of the Women In Construction & Engineering awards is to help make the industry more enticing to women.

To create role models for women considering a career in these industries, while encouraging companies to employ and train more women in these sectors.

Women in Construction has been going from strength to strength and giving voice to an important demographic that for so long has not been well heard in our industry.

Skills shortage, lack of innovation and productivity are all issues that we can look to potentially rectify through being more open, engaging and appealing to a wider demographic.

What a difference a breakfast makes

I was struck when looking at the programme for the day at the choices available for breakfast.

Wice awards


A healthy spread of fresh fruit, juice and muesli is a far cry from the breakfast our industry is culturally better known for..

But this is part of the point, the industry needs to change and change for the better. Not only in becoming healthier but also by becoming more inclusive and open in our attempts to attract the best and brightest to our industry.

For all those who are shortlisted for an award I wish you the best of luck, and for those in attendance I look forward to meeting you and discussing the power of social media over a bowl of fruit salad!

At Invennt we strive to create value through construction and in doing this unlocking the potential within our industry. If you are interested in unlocking the productivity and potential of your organisation through better use of social media please get in touch at or  call 07816517590


Tim Fitch

Tim Fitch has extensive civil engineering leadership experience, gained particularly in the geotechnical and rail sectors, where he has helped niche businesses become market leaders, and quadrupled turnover in Taylor Woodrow’s rail division.

With a strong background in business development, Tim spearheaded growth at Vinci’s civil engineering division, deploying customer relationship and pipeline management techniques to grow the company’s work in the transport and energy sectors.

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